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Securing your supply chain with our blockchain solution “T4”

The world of supply chains is on the brink of transformation. New EU directives mandate transparency and traceability of products, posing a challenge for companies to adapt their processes. Our innovative blockchain solution, “T4,” addresses this need.

What is “T4”?

“T4” stands for Trackability, Traceability, Transparency and Trust. Our solution is specifically designed to seamlessly meet the EU’s new requirements, such as the product passport.

  • Trackability: With “T4,” every stage of a product’s journey along the supply chain can be accurately tracked.
  • Traceability: Blockchain technology ensures the traceability of materials and products.
  • Transparency: All supply chain participants have continuous visibility into the current status and history of a product.
  • Trust: The decentralized and immutable nature of blockchain data storage fosters trust and prevents manipulation.

The advantages of “T4”

  • Compliance with EU Directives: “T4” enables seamless compliance with the new EU regulations, including the product passport requirements.
  • Increased efficiency: Automating and digitizing supply chain processes reduces errors and boosts efficiency.
  • Customer satisfaction: Transparent and traceable supply chains strengthen customer trust and enhance satisfaction.

Consulting and implementation

UMT AG is your expert partner for consulting and implementing the “T4” solution. Together with experts and partners and the joint well-founded know-how, we are at your side to help future-proof your supply chains. Our specialists assist in analyzing your current processes, identifying optimization opportunities, and seamlessly integrating “T4” into your systems.

Let’s shape the future of your supply chain together. Contact UMT AG to discover how “T4” can propel your company forward.

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