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AI-supported document processing and process automation

We are a software and service provider in the field of document processing and analysis with an in-house developed Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our core competence includes AI-based processing and analysis of documents for intelligent process automation.

As a partner for the digital transformation of your business processes, we support you in achieving competitive advantages and thus becoming even more successful.

Every day, companies receive numerous documents that have to be individually sifted through and processed.
Manual processing often requires a lot of time, is error-prone and ties up resources that can be used elsewhere.


Process client documents quickly with Xpact Office and file by file number/case number.


Easily capture and process transport orders fully automatically
with Xpact Logistics.


The processing of orders with
Xpact Production

easily automated.


Fully automated processing of client documents using artificial intelligence

Credit bureaus and law firms know the problem – Filing client documents by file number/case number takes a lot of time.

Our software solution Xpact Office enables companies to process client documents fully automatically. Using our self-developed Artificial Intelligence, documents can be separated according to the file number/case number and then filed.

In addition to reducing employee workload and saving time, Xpact Office enables companies to significantly reduce their error rate.


Fully automated processing of transport orders using artificial intelligence

Processing transport orders – a vexed issue for many logistics and transport companies. This costs time, ties up employees and is often prone to errors.

With our software solution Xpact Logistics, we enable fully automated processing of transport orders. Using our self-developed artificial intelligence, we can read out the information required for processing (e.g. customer number) from transport orders, completely independently of the layout. We also provide validation and enrichment of the information with data from the company’s system. Thus, at the end, the employee is only informed about the successful processing and filing of the transport order.

With Xpact Logistics, companies not only save time, but also costs. In addition, employees are relieved and the error rate is reduced.


Fully automated processing of orders using artificial intelligence

Companies in the manufacturing sector know the problem – hundreds of orderscome in every day. Processing these costs employees a lot of time.

With our software solution Xpact Production, we offer fully automated processing of orders. Our self-developed artificial intelligence enables layout-independent order reading. This allows the information relevant for processing, such as the customer number, to be quickly identified. The information is then validated by our software and, where possible, enriched with data from the customer base so that it can be stored in the customer’s existing system. The employee is now solely informed about the processing and filing of the order.

In addition to saving time and reducing the workload of employees, companies can significantly reduce their error rate with Xpact Production.