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BUCHBERGER successfully launches first

By 14. April 2021May 11th, 2022No Comments

BUCHBERGER successfully launches first test runs of the Smart Rental App

BUCHBERGER Smart Rental, the innovative Mobile App that will enable BUCHBERGER to drive digitalization in the construction industry, enters the final straight

Two months after taking over BUCHBERGER’s existing business, UMT AG is very pleased with the state of development and the progress made in digital transformation. The digitization initiative that BUCHBERGER launched last winter is already bearing its first promising fruits and represents a significant step towards achieving the planned growth targets, so that management is very optimistic about the current fiscal year 2021 despite the ongoing Corona pandemic.

Within the digitization projects, smartphone and web applications are at the center of a completely new type of user experience that covers all steps from selection and use to payment and return of the product. The innovative Smart Rental App enables the self-service rental of compact machines such as mini excavators or wheel loaders. The craftsman or do-it-yourselfer can rent and use the required machine in his vicinity immediately or book it in advance for the coming week as early as the weekend. He can either pick up and return the machine himself as soon as it fits into his schedule, or order convenient delivery at the same time. The rental fee is also paid mobile. Electronic security of the machines protects against misuse and theft and prepares the ground for proactive maintenance. The construction machines available from renowned manufacturers ensure the high level of quality that is standard at BUCHBERGER.

In preparation for the public market launch of the Smart Rental program, which is planned for the current quarter, BUCHBERGER Digital, with the support of B2Btech, has already made significant progress in the development of the complex system landscape consisting of Mobile App, cloud, IoT and optimized business processes. In doing so, the company is drawing on the industry expertise of the units BUCHBERGER Baugeräte Handel GmbH and BUCHBERGER Baumaschinen Vermietung + Service GmbH and obtains software development services from the UMT subsidiary UMS United Mobile Services GmbH.

In an initial test run with industry professionals, the cooperation between the Smart Rental App and the construction machines has already been intensively and successfully tested. The second phase of development will now see the gradual refinement of the technology and the processes. This will again involve practitioners from the construction site, so that the program will be highly relevant and practical right from the start.