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“Going Forward” strategy of UMT AG

By 5. July 2023No Comments
“Going Forward” strategy of UMT AG

Now that – as published today – the conservative value adjustments have been made in the annual financial statements of UMT United Mobility Technology AG as of December 31, 2022, the way is clear for UMT AG’s new “Going Forward” strategy.

UMT AG continues to see itself as an innovative software house and intends to position itself in the field of AI with the acquisition of an AI-based DMS (“document management system”) solution. In this context, the chances of market entry are good, as the new DMS solution has only recently been certified by SAP. It is marketed as an add-on product to the SAP ERP solution and offers companies audit-proof archiving of their documents. In this context, the “signing” of documents is the decisive reason why a document cannot be manipulated. Using an AI algorithm, a company can automatically digitize incoming documents such as an order confirmation.

“In the future, every company will need a DMS solution in this form as part of the digital transformation,” says Thomas Teufel, Management Board member of UMT AG, and adds: “In the area of payment, we also intend to offer a solution based on the existing UMT payment platform in the B2B market to address the “pay-per-part” process.”

In order to secure the liquidity of the company and to better implement the “Going Forward” strategy, a resolution on a capital increase with subscription rights for all shareholders is planned for the upcoming Annual General Meeting of UMT AG. If the planned capital increase is successfully implemented, UMT AG will strengthen its position by acquiring software rights and IT companies in order to underpin the “Going Forward” strategy in terms of expertise and personnel.


About UMT AG:

UMT United Mobility Technology AG stands as a “TechnologyHouse” for the development and implementation of customized solutions for the digitalization of business processes. With Mobile Payment, Smart Rental and MEXS, UMT has technological platforms for payment, digital rental and now also for communication. The software-oriented technology portfolio now extends far beyond payment and also includes commerce, IoT and, with MEXS, communication, and forms the basis for forward-looking, integrated products. UMT is now much more than a FinTech company and serves the retail and rental sectors as well as industry.

The IT and consulting expertise built up over a decade in the field of e-commerce and payment is the basis for value-creating investments in companies that contribute to the digital transformation of the co-testing environment and thus provides the answers to the most pressing questions of companies. The focus of the investment activities is on medium-sized companies with future-oriented and stable business models. The aim is to participate in the digital transformation with a forward-looking buy-and-build strategy and thus to achieve significant revenue and earnings growth in the UMT Group with sustainable profitability and steady cash flow.

The UMT United Mobility Technology AG share (GSIN: A2YN70, ISIN: DE000A2YN702) is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is listed on the Basic Board of Deutsche Boerse AG.



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