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Research consortium selects UMT as exclusive

By 20. February 2023No Comments

Research consortium selects UMT as exclusive payment expert

UMT joins federally funded research project “Sunrise” to realize Industrie 4.0 business models and access the IIoT market 

The kick-off event for the “Sunrise” research project, led by consortium leader IPRI (International Performance Research Institute, Stuttgart) and the Machine Tool Laboratory WZL at RWTH Aachen University, will be held in Stuttgart on February 27 and 28. The project will run until December 31, 2025. The consortium of ten partners sees the project as a great opportunity to establish new innovative business models in mechanical and plant engineering in Germany. In particular, the results of “Sunrise” should enable small and medium-sized companies to establish subscription models for the first time.

UMT AG has already been contributing to this forward-looking project, which now enjoys research funding from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), with its expertise in the field of payments since 2019 and has now been appointed as an official project partner. In the project, UMT will exclusively implement the verification, authentication and processing of payment transactions automatically triggered by the production machines. In addition, UMT’s agenda also includes the realization of cross-media communication from production via the corporate management level to global communication networks. In this context, UMT AG also draws on MEXS’ experience in the areas of messaging and IoT.

“Industry 4.0” with the technology of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) enables real-time planning, control and monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes. The global volume of this very technology-driven market is estimated at over $300 billion and has annual growth rates of over 20 percent.

“Sunrise” goes beyond the technology aspect and picks up on the current trend of replacing capital-binding investments in relevant economic assets with subscription models. The IT industry, in particular, is providing numerous pioneering examples in this area: Software as a Service (SaaS) replaces the purchase of software licenses, cloud computing eliminates the need to purchase one’s own servers, and copiers and printers are not purchased but charged for on a per-copy basis.

The advantages for the user are clear: usage-oriented, variable costs take the place of fixed costs and allow the entrepreneur more financial flexibility and security. Not having to use their own production equipment frees up capacity to concentrate on their core business.

This is precisely where the “Sunrise” research project comes in and, in addition to providers and customers, also includes suppliers as well as enablers of the business model such as financial intermediaries and IoT service providers and will implement value creation networks on a pilot basis, taking into account technical as well as business management issues.

“We are very much looking forward to the cooperation with the top-class consortium partners and expect important impulses for our future business development, especially in the SME sector, which is also the focus of MEXS. Participation in the research project confirms to us that our commitments in the areas of payment, messaging and IoT were the right decisions for the future,” says Dr. Jürgen Schulz, Spokesman of the Board of Management at UMT AG.

Thomas Teufel, MEXS Managing Director and Member of the Board of UMT AG, adds: “The combination of IoT and messaging is an important feature of the MEXS platform, which we are already using in medium-sized manufacturing companies – even worldwide. Combined with UMT’s payment expertise, this fits perfectly into the digital future of industry. In the future, we can expect further sales revenues in this area. I am particularly pleased that know-how can be passed on to UMT via this MEXS research project.”

By participating in this BMBF-funded research project, the UMT Group is making a significant contribution to the fourth industrial revolution “Industry 4.0” and thus sees its future strategy for the digitalization of conventional business models further confirmed.

Further information on the “Sunrise” research project will be available in the future on the following website:


About UMT AG:

UMT United Mobility Technology AG stands as a “TechnologyHouse” for the development and implementation of customized solutions for the digitalization of business processes. With Mobile Payment, Smart Rental and MEXS, UMT has technological platforms for payment, digital rental and now also for communication. The software-oriented technology portfolio now extends far beyond payment and also includes commerce, IoT and, with MEXS, communication, and forms the basis for forward-looking, integrated products. UMT is now much more than a FinTech company and serves the retail and rental sectors as well as industry.

The IT and consulting expertise built up over a decade in the field of e-commerce and payment is the basis for value-creating investments in companies that contribute to the digital transformation of the co-testing environment and thus provides the answers to the most pressing questions of companies. The focus of the investment activities is on medium-sized companies with future-oriented and stable business models. The aim is to participate in the digital transformation with a forward-looking buy-and-build strategy and thus to achieve significant revenue and earnings growth in the UMT Group with sustainable profitability and steady cash flow.

The UMT United Mobility Technology AG share (GSIN: A2YN70, ISIN: DE000A2YN702) is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is listed on the Basic Board of Deutsche Boerse AG.



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