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UMT publishes voluntary consolidated financial

By 1. June 2017May 11th, 2022No Comments

UMT publishes voluntary consolidated financial statements 2016 and forecast 2017

UMT United Mobility Technology AG has published its annual report 2016. The report, which was prepared for the first time as consolidated financial statements in accordance with HGB, is now available on the company’s website at in the German version. The English version will be posted on the 12th of June 2017 and will also be available on the company’s website.

– Total Performance up 109.2% to TEUR 4,745 (previous year: TEUR 2,268)
– Gross profit at group level more than tripled to TEUR 3,759 (previous year: TEUR 1,052)
– Consolidated net income of TEUR 207 (previous year: TEUR -917) corresponding to earnings per share of EUR 0.01 (previous year: EUR -0.06)
– Subscribed capital increased by EUR 1,588,805 from EUR 15,888,051 to EUR 17,476,856


Based on the good order backlog and the existing negotiations with potential customers, the management of UMT AG expects a double-digit percentage growth for group sales and earnings in 2017. “Cashless payment, especially mobile payment, is an unstoppable megatrend. This is impressively reflected in our business figures. In the financial year 2016, UMT United Mobility Technology AG substantially enhanced its key figures by considerably increasing its total output, earnings and shareholders’ equity. We want to use this baseline for a continued dynamic and profitable growth, “said Dr. Albert Wahl, CEO of UMT United Mobility Technology AG