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Industry leader SchwörerHaus relies on

By 9. January 2023No Comments

Industry leader SchwörerHaus relies on MEXS CompanyMessenger

The MEXS CompanyMessenger will be the digital solution for mobile corporate communication at SchwörerHaus in the form of an employee app

From now on, 1,850 employees of the Schwörer Group will be able to communicate quickly and easily with each other via chat in their own community using the MEXS CompanyMessenger. And all this in strict compliance with the EU Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). Schwörer employees use the newly developed employee app either as a desktop app on the browser of their computer or tablet or on their cell phone.

A unique feature of the CompanyMessenger is that no personal cell phone number of the employee is required to use it; instead, communication takes place exclusively via a unique user ID. CompanyMessenger accesses the central contact book of the Schwörer Group and not the employee’s personal contacts.

And this is how simply the new CompanyMessenger works for all Schwörer employees: The employee downloads the app from the Apple or Google app stores onto his or her chosen end device and can start immediately by entering the personnel number and individual login data.

In addition to chat communication, Schwörer’s marketing department also uses the so-called “News Editor” and sends push messages to all Schwörer employees or just to one of the seven Schwörer plants. The employees can all be reached easily, promptly and directly in this way.

The SchwörerHaus assembly teams, which are deployed throughout Europe, can organize and exchange information in chat groups within CompanyMessenger. Even an employee’s personal time account can be quickly accessed via CompanyMessenger. In the near future, it will also be possible to include external users, such as suppliers or subcontractors, in the Schwörer chat community.

SchwörerHaus retains full control over the data and sets its own usage guidelines and -terms of use for the app itself.

“What was important for SchwörerHaus when selecting CompanyMessenger as an employee app was first and foremost a similarly simple operation of chat communication as with WhatsApp®, so that no training of users is necessary when rolling out the app. Everyone can use WhatsApp® in their private lives and can therefore intuitively find their way around CompanyMessenger,” says Markus Schwörer, Head of IT at SchwörerHaus.

Thomas Teufel, MEXS Managing Director and Member of the Board of UMT AG, adds: “The novel MEXS CompanyMessenger solution enables companies today to involve all employees, including those in production or field service, in communication via chat. And if desired, the push messages can also be muted using the so-called “after-work button” if the employee does not want to be bothered.”

“We are pleased to expand our customer base with SchwörerHaus and at the same time to welcome our first customer on the new SaaS platform from MEXS. With SaaS (“Software as a Service”), we are opening up a new dimension of scalability for our business model through lucrative subscription models. However, development is not standing still: We are already working on a concept that allows messages from different messenger systems to be exchanged. This will put MEXS in the league of unified communications providers,” continues Thomas Teufel.

UMT AG is building a scalable business model with the MEXS messaging platform and in the future will offer the newly designed CompanyMessenger solution via attractive subscription models, especially for German medium-sized businesses.

“The CompanyMessenger, as a “Made in Germany” product introduces companies to chat communication without any worries about protection and confidentiality of their data. With this solution, UMT has entered the growing market of chat communication for mobile working and thus sees extraordinary growth potential for MEXS,” said Dr. Jürgen Schulz, Spokesman of the Board of Management at UMT AG.

You can find out more about the MEXS Group and MEXS CompanyMessenger here or on the MEXS website at


About UMT AG:

UMT United Mobility Technology AG stands as a “TechnologyHouse” for the development and implementation of customized solutions for the digitalization of business processes. With Mobile Payment, Smart Rental and MEXS, UMT has technological platforms for payment, digital rental and now also for communication. The software-oriented technology portfolio now extends far beyond payment and also includes commerce, IoT and, with MEXS, communication, and forms the basis for forward-looking, integrated products. UMT is now much more than a FinTech company and serves the retail and rental sectors as well as industry.

The IT and consulting expertise built up over a decade in the field of e-commerce and payment is the basis for value-creating investments in companies that contribute to the digital transformation of the co-testing environment and thus provides the answers to the most pressing questions of companies. The focus of the investment activities is on medium-sized companies with future-oriented and stable business models. The aim is to participate in the digital transformation with a forward-looking buy-and-build strategy and thus to achieve significant revenue and earnings growth in the UMT Group with sustainable profitability and steady cash flow.

The UMT United Mobility Technology AG share (GSIN: A2YN70, ISIN: DE000A2YN702) is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is listed on the Basic Board of Deutsche Boerse AG. 


About SchwörerHaus:

SchwörerHaus: Quality-conscious and innovative

The Schwörer group of companies was founded in 1950 – today the family enterprise with approx. 1850 employees at country widely seven locations ranks among one of the prominent enterprises of the prefabricated house industry. At the company headquarters in the Swabian Hohenstein Oberstetten annually approx. 1,000 homes are planned and computer-assisted manufactured and in completely Germany and the European neighboring countries ready for occupancy established – up to now more than 44,000 customer houses! The product range covers beside the classical wood prefabricated houses, Fly-ingSpace living modules, multi-storey buildings in hybrid building method, prefabricated cellar, concrete prefabricated houses. The building material of the healthy and energy-efficient wooden prefabricated houses, the natural raw material wood, comes from sustainable forestry of the region and is processed in the company-owned sawmill to high-quality building and materials. Numerous awards in the fields of environmental and climate protection, architecture and service are proof of the company’s innovative strength. As a climate protection company, SchwörerHaus is an ambassador for sustainable production and living.



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