Our formula for a successful future

Our focus

Our investment focus is on industries that are future-oriented, crisis-resistant and have high digitization potential in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Our aim is to accelerate growth momentum in the course of digitization and to generate significant revenue and earnings growth as well as steady cash flows by consolidating the addressed fragmented overall market.

Our investments

The acquisition of the BUCHBERGER Group in February 2021 was a first step in our development from a Mobile Payment specialist to a value-oriented and digital “TechnologyHouse” that is ready to take on entrepreneurial responsibility.

We deliberately want to break new ground. And we have learned that the combination of “product paired with entrepreneurial responsibility” in particular makes a significant difference, both in product acceptance and in our own profitability.


We want to accompany the BUCHBERGER Group into the digital world with entrepreneurial responsibility and help our subsidiary to revolutionize its industry.

To this end, we make focused use of our core competencies in the mastery of complex IT systems, with the aim of digitizing business processes – always with the goal of increasing efficiency and profitability in the companies.

The UMS GmbH

Our subsidiary UMS United Mobile Services GmbH is the competence center for all UMT technologies.

Together with selected development partners, we implement innovative digitization projects – always with the aim of increasing efficiency and profitability in companies.