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UMT AG announces next phase of smart rental marketing

By 25. November 2022No Comments

UMT AG announces next phase of smart rental marketing

With the new smart rental technology, excavators, vibratory plates, loaders and many other construction machines can be rented easily in the future according to the Car-2-Go concept – in the close vicinity, at any time and contact-free

Renting construction machinery has never been so easy. The smart rental technology newly developed by UMS, UMT’s internal software house, makes it possible for all interested parties, whether companies or private individuals, to rent excavators, vibratory plates, loaders and many other construction machines very easily according to the established concept of Car-2-Go solutions: Download the smart rental app and register free of charge, find the machine in the app, select it, book it and pick it up. The app even serves as a key for the machine, thus taking the rental sector, which is important for the construction industry, to a completely new level of digitization.

Excavators, vibratory plates, loaders and many other construction machines can be rented contactlessly at any time via the website or app – especially at weekends and outside normal opening hours. And it’s as simple as this: The potential renter finds the machines suitable for his purpose, sorted by distance from his location, and can rent them with binding effect for the rental period of his choice, either with an immediate start or a later start date specified by the renter. The payment of the rental fee is easily done via PayPal, credit card or invoice. As soon as the machine has been booked, it can be found in the app under the excavator symbol. The transfer of the machine takes place in self-service and can be done at any time. The machine is located in an accessible place and can be opened and activated by the renter from the start of the rental using the smart rental mobile app. Suitable transport trailers are available for transporting the machines. Alternatively, the prospective renter can also register on the web and rent the desired machines there.

Following completion of the development phase and extensive regional tests of smart rental, marketing is now set to be expanded to the entire German-speaking DACH region. Together with experienced partners for construction equipment rental, the innovative Smart Rental program will be offered throughout Germany in the future. The first approaches to suitable partners for the provision and operation of the machines are already underway. Register today at and be at the forefront of the nationwide rollout. The smart rental concept provides for different licensing models for the partners, so that there is a suitable offer for everyone.

In parallel with active marketing, the smart rental platform is currently undergoing a technical overhaul and will soon return on a new IT basis. At the same time, there are plans to further develop the technology for other areas of rental – beyond the construction industry. The first synergies between the Group’s sister companies UMS and the newly acquired MEXS Group will also come to bear here.

The new smart rental technology represents a scalable business model and will be offered in the future as a newly designed solution of the smart rental app for everyone – whether contractor or private individual. For partners and operators, revenues can be generated through daily rentals. Additional added value is generated when machines from the rental fleet are made available to the used market after their useful life. UMS as a licensor also benefits through various types of royalties.

“With our new smart rental technology, which functions according to the now established and proven Car-2-Go concept, we are significantly expanding our value chain,” says Dr. Juergen Schulz, Spokesman of the Board of Management at UMT AG. “The ongoing trend in the construction industry away from buying to renting construction machinery naturally plays into our hands. Against the backdrop of global economic uncertainties, many customers are placing a greater focus on flexibility and cost efficiency when procuring construction machinery. And that automatically means they end up with smart rental at some point, which opens up enormous growth potential for us,” continues Juergen Schulz.

To learn more about smart rental, visit the smart rental website at

About UMT AG:

As a “TechnologyHouse”, UMT United Mobility Technology AG stands for the development and implementation of customized solutions for the digitalization of business processes. As a FinTech company, UMT licenses one of the largest mobile payment platforms in Europe and acts as a central interface between all relevant parties such as large retail chains, banks, bonus program providers and end consumers. UMT’s technology is in live operation at around 16,000 stores and 71,000 checkouts. In Germany alone, over 14 million users have been able to use UMT’s mobile payment technology for more than 6 years.

The IT and consulting expertise built up over a decade in the field of e-commerce and payment is the basis for value-creating investments in companies with a low level of digitalization. The focus of activities is on medium-sized companies with future-oriented and stable business models. The aim is to unlock new growth potential through active further development, particularly in the area of digitization, and a forward-looking buy-and-build strategy for the specific consolidation of a fragmented market, and thus to realize significant revenue and earnings growth with sustainable profitability and steady cash flow.

The UMT United Mobility Technology AG share (GSIN A2YN70, ISIN DE000A2YN702) is traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is listed on the Basic Board of Deutsche Boerse AG.