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UMT wins Evy Solutions as a strategic partner and

By 29. November 2017May 11th, 2022No Comments

UMT United Mobility Technology AG wins Evy Solutions as strategic-partner and client

UMT United Mobility Technology AG and Cologne-based Evy Solutions GmbH have agreed to enter into a strategic cooperation. As part of the cooperation agreement, UMT will settle payments for Evy Solutions. Evy Solutions offers its customers a digital assistant. The service consists of digitalisation and intelligent processing of all documents. This includes source-independent mail as well as electronic documents, which are tagged for the customer and provided with recommendations for action. An app-based feature will be offered to settle invoices. UMT will collect customer money via SEPA direct debit and pay it out to the recipient and therefore creates the framework for this innovative trustee model for payment processing.

Evy Solutions GmbH plans a pan-European scaling and expects transaction volumes in a three-digit million range in the upcoming years. UMT will receive transaction fees for its services. In addition to the payment processing described above, both companies will examine, if in future digital invoices can also be settled via “smart contracts” based on blockchain technology and therefore reduce transaction costs and increase transparency and security for all participants.

“Evy Solutions is a pioneer of mobile commerce. With their technology, the entire post office is automatically scanned, sorted, evaluated in terms of content and prepared for the user via an app. All relevant documents such as invoices are automatically sorted according to the user’s personal preferences, or keywords. We are pleased to support this innovative business model, “says Erik Nagel, CIO of UMT AG. “Evy will be loved by all people who are on vacation, on business trips and who want to be sure, that their entire mail has been automatically taken care of,“ says Michael Vogel, CEO of Evy Solutions GmbH. “With UMT, we have found a partner, supporting us in a flexible and innovative way.”


About Evy Solutions GmbH:
Evy Solutions is a start-up founded in 2017 which satisfies the increasing demand of people for mobility in private and business everyday life via artificial intelligence. The app focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises as well as on private individuals. All offered services around client needs are constantly enhanced.

Contact and further information:
Evy Solutions GmbH
Wallrafplatz 1
D-50667 Cologne
T: +49 221 958 476 – 45
F: +49 221 958 176 – 44